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Overview of Components:

SDROA Management Information System (MIS) as complete Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) online web-based database application software which has been managing and keeping record of all activities of SDROA. The MIS can manage multi-projects, multi-donor, multi-fund programs/projects operations. The Accounting components of MIS is double entry book keeping system and is fully complying with all international standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

SDROA MIS has got the following main interrelated components:

a- Users/Roles: SDROA has gotten state of the art role based user management that each user can have access only to the pages and/or reports that they are authorized based on their roles.

b- Chart of Account: The standard chart of account of the MIS is designed in a way that can handle multi-project, multi-fund and multi-donor programs.

c- Budget: Based on the chart of accounts the budgets are managed and the system never allows any over budgeting expenditures. MIS can manage sub-grantees or LLCs with their advances and the system can clear advances of sub-grantees or subcontracts against their approved expenditures.

d- Vendors: Procurement cannot raise purchase order to vendors if the vendor is not registered and active in MIS. So the vendor must have complete documentation and be cleared and vetted from all aspects including black lists of stockholders.

e- Expenditures: The expenditure module keeps record of any expenses, for each expense there must be a pre-approved request, purchase order or contract based on the regulations in the system.

f- Ex-change Rates: The MIS has got a state-of-the-art mechanism for exchange rates management therefore, it is impossible to have any dollar of gain/loss due to exchanges of currencies.

g- Tax: The MIS is fully taking care of government taxes the with-holding taxes are held from procurements likewise salary taxes are automatically calculated by MIS payroll management system -both according to Afghanistan Tax Law-. While processing the payment vouchers tax amounts are loaded to tax account of the MIS and cleared and paid to government at the end of each month.

h- Sub-Grantees/Advances: The MIS has got a facility that unlimited sub-grantees/Contractors can be added and based on the advances to sub-grantees their disbursements will be processed, at this case the LLCs are the suburbanites of MIS where they are provided advances and the can raise requisition and do expenses only up to a limited specified quota of amount. And consequently if their expenditure vouchers after review, verify and approval will be disbursed from there advances.

i- Petty Cash: This component manages and records office cash: a. Receipts, b. Disbursements and c. Petty Cash Advances. At each moment you can find out your office cash book online.

j- Inventory: The system can keep record of any inventory item purchased, or received from any outside resources. Once an inventory item comes into the system, it will be issued/returned/disposed to staff and its record will remain in the system forever.

k- Human Resources: Contract management part that keeps record of staff profile both soft records of staff transitions in the organization and hard copies of HR documents. Also an automatic attendance sheet and leave management is available in the system that each employee must electronically sign on daily bases. Monthly closing and reports is available for the attendance systems. The attendance and leave reports will be automatically generated for each month and year.

l- Payroll: Based on the online HR attendance reports and staff contracts, monthly payroll is automatically prepared and accepts inputs of account staff, taxes are calculated based on the tax laws of the hosting country and system generates banks transfer and tax transfer reports. The payroll system has gotten an automatic monthly closing that the payroll of each employee is archived on monthly bases. Reports of payroll and tax payments of the whole career of staff will be available to them online. Moreover the payroll management part also automatically sends a copy of each employee's payroll to their email account at end of each month payroll closing.

m- Documents Repository: This component allows keeping PDF copies of all its documents of monthlies, quarterlies, annuals and field visit reports.

n- Reporting: The system brings in, state of the art reporting facilities, that instantaneous reports can be retrieved by users based on their rights and privileges in the system. Reports includes: Budget, expenditure, budget vs expenditures, inventory records, attendance/leave records, assets reports for any period of time, location or individual. Moreover for any period of time system can generate organizations balance sheet.

o- Balance Sheets: MIS has the advanced still very user-friendly module, for generating of the office financial status balance sheet, SDROA is using this facility for generating SDROA balance sheet on monthly bases, to make sure all financial accounts are tune and intact.

p- Library: A library module in MIS - SDROA is going to be piloted for handling of books' and publications' counts, circulation and tracking purpose, and if proved to be useful, this module can be extended to all LLC. Mazar and Jalalabad will be the pilot LLCs for this module. The module will enable LLCs, IRC and SDROA to inventory all the books and publications. There is no book inventory at LLCs at this point and it will take a bit of time and effort to upload book inventory information in the system. In addition, the system will enable visitors at LLCs to check out books, it is going to be a first ever systematic book checking out for the LLCs. (Under construction)

q- Programming: In line with the library module, SDROA is going to develop and add a programming module in MIS. The advantage of the module is to develop a pathway for the users and efficient tracking tool for program auditors. This module would be to plan, report, and analyze programming component of LLCs in a more efficient manner. Right now, all the reports are sent to ListServe besides the requirement for the strong bandwidth and time, tracking each report is very time consuming, and the risk of losing the programming records would come to zero and there will be always a backup of data. Furthermore, it will help IRC to track the planning of LLCs and keep each LLC accountable for the programs they plan. A user manual is going to be developed for the programming component of the MIS. (Under construction)

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